LOU REED 1980-06-16 Avellino, Italy (audiowhore remix)

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LOU REED 1980-06-16 Avellino, Italy (audiowhore remix)

Post by schnittstelle » 18 May 2020 07:03

LOU REED 1980-06-16 Avellino, Italy (audiowhore remix)


Stadio Partenio
Avellino, Italy
16 June 1980

1. Sweet Jane
2. Real Good Time Together
3. I'm Waiting For My Man
4. Coney Island Baby
5. So Alone
6. Vicious
7. Walk On The Wild Side
8. Standing On The Ceremony
9. Heroin
10. Growing Up In Public
11. The Kids
12. Caroline Says II
13. The Bed
14. Sad Song
15. The Power Of Positive Drinking
16. How Do You Speak To An Angel
17. My Old Man
18. Keep Away
19. Street Hassle (with band intros)

20. Rock and Roll
21. Sister Ray


The band:
Lou Reed - vocals & guitar
Stuart Heinrich - guitar
Chuck Hammer - guitar
Ellard "Moose" Boles - bass
Michael Fonfara - keyboards
Michael Suchorsky - drums.

(If burning to CD, suggested splits are CD1 = t1 to 14 / CD2 = t15 to t21.)


original notes-

Recorded by UNKNOWN
Transferred by NANUK_99.

Lineage: CDR received by trade > wav > flac > upload to DIME
I've not done anything to the sound... it's the way I received. I've noticed some flaws at the end of "Sister Ray" but nothing important to enjoy the show.

Free for sharing, never sell.

Nice audience recording but it could be better… With “Sister Ray” as encore! “Rock ‘N’ Roll” is played slower than usual,
it seems that the tape runs incorrectly, but I think it's OK because later they increase the speed.
The sound is a bit low but it’s ok to listen to. Maybe it was recorded far from the stage...



audiowhore 2020 remix notes (an isolation project)

thanks to the original taper who did a good job recording this show!

I downloaded this from Dime around 10 years ago, courtesy of Nanuk_99.
It's a nice show but i wanted to play with it to see if the sound could be improved.

Here's what i did-

1) the pitch was too high and tape speed too fast
pitch correction = -0.5 semitones
speed adjustment = 102.93%

2) removed micro gaps from the original track marks and moved the track marks more appropriately to the start of songs.
(the start of The Power Of Positive Drinking has a few seconds extra in case you are burning to CD, that is my suggested start of CD2).

3) EQ mixing to balance and beef up the sound.
In particular, increased the bottom end which was largely missing from the original version.
The volume is a lot louder now.

4) smoothed the tape flips and cuts between t7 and t8, t11 and t12, t12 and t13, t17 and t18.

Hopefully all of this has made a nice improvement. See what you think.
Thanks to Waz from Oz for making covers for this show, they are included with the torrent.

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